Алёна Roxis
Алёна Roxis — I don’t wanna
Алёна Roxis — I don’t wanna (текст песни)
Verse 1 This train slips slowly through the cold, I smell the autumn fields of gold. I sense the chill of harvest wind. The winter’s cold draws near again. But spring awaits me far away... A brand new life, a brand new day. I scarcely take it in that It’s finally over. Chorus 1 I don’t wanna be the one that you make cry. I don’t wanna feel this hell that you’ve made mine. I don’t wanna get the phone and hear her voice. I don’t wanna ever feel I have no choice. I don’t wanna hear your cheap apology. I don’t wanna hear the lies you tell to me. I don’t wanna still believe there’s no one else. I don’t wanna keep on lying to myself. Verse 2 I feel the wind subside my fears. Each mile I’m farther from these tears. Gentle rain caress my skin. Make me forget where I have been. Sweet morning sun shine down on me. Warm my soul and set me free. Can you understand these words These words I tell you.