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Серебро — Song number one
Серебро — Song number one (текст песни)
5,4,3,2,… This is me… We’ll make it easy… When a kitsch beating me you get amerry skill, Boy, you wanna take me cause I am your ***bill can’t you you see the way I move, my chest, my flesh and skin, this is nothing what you get, the place you never win. Припев: Slowdown!Boy you don’t wanna let so me down, you’ll better stop, you know that... Auch! don’t call me funny bunny! i blow your money money I getse My bad ass spinning for you. Auch! I make it easy honey, I take your money, yummy! I got my bed and standing oures to me See came and check it auch! See came and check it auch! See came and check it auch! My bad ass spining for you. Watch out Keeping taking over you, it size be get it free, baby boy *** Ya sexy freak in me. Callum tit you nesh we gay so take it, don’t be shy pure a cherry on my cake and taste my cherry pie. Припев... May be I’ll take you speel you tonight, We be You’ll show me another way, And this is the reason for me to street, but something that my self you! Припев...2 раза