Тату — Malchik gay
Тату — Malchik gay (текст песни)
Handsome Tender Soft Why do you look right through me thinking ’No’ I can’t deny my feelings Growing strong I try to keep believing dreaming on And every time I see you I crave more I wanna pull you closer closer closer closer but you leave me feeling frozen Malchik Gay Malchik Gay I can be all you need Won’t you please stay with me Malchik Gay Malchik Gay Apologies, might-have-been’s Malchik Gay Malchik Gay can’t erase what I feel Malchik Gay Malchik Gay Choking Back emotion I try to keep on hoping for a way; a reason for us both to come in close I long for you to hold me like your boyfriend ... does and though my dream is slowly fading I wanna be the object object object object of your passion but it’s hopeless