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A.F.I. — The leaving song
A.F.I. — The leaving song (текст песни)
Don’t waste your touch, You won’t feel anything Or were you sent to save me? I’ve thought too much, you won’t find anything... Worthy of redeeming Yo he esta-do agui muchas veces antes y regreso [Chorus:] Break down, and cease all feeling Burn now, what once was breathing Reach out, and you may take my heart away Imperfect cry, and scream in ecstasy So what befalls the flawless? Look what I’ve built, it shines so beautifully Now watch as it destroys me Y regreso agui otra vez y comienzo [Chorus x2] I left it all behind, and never said goodbye (х3) I left it all to die I saw its birth, I watched it grow I felt it change me I took the life, I ate it slow Now it consumes me [Chorus x2] ... Heart away