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Alter Bridge
Alter Bridge — White knuckles
Alter Bridge — White knuckles (текст песни)
Are you still lost tonight? Living but dead inside This is a proclamation This is a call to rise Are you abused, alone? Walking with broken bones If you feel you’ve been forgotten Let this song guide you home We are the disillusioned We’ve been left wanting more Before every aspiration hits the floor [Chorus:] Hold on for your life All we feel is so far from alive The damned are done believing The cursed can dream no more So hold on for your life Because only the strong survive The tell you what you should be Sell you the plastic dream Opinions are all provided But nothing is what it seems I dare you to take control Cause empty are hands and Bruised are the souls Of those who show no resistance Of those who are weak below We are the disenchanted Who die with each passing day No one here understands us so I say [Chorus] How will it feel? To live a lie until your dying day Where nothing is real As we sacrifice bending until we break It’s been revealed Hold on for your life Dreams are not theirs to take... Dreams are not theirs to take [Chorus] I said only the strong survive