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Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne — Angel
Avril Lavigne — Angel (текст песни)
I’m no angel thats fo sure Just please tell me why are these things happening to me? I really love you,cous theres no limit to that,no way,no way She doesn’t love you shes using you to show you off,to her friends, But baby thats not me, [chorus] I guess I’m the Angel The only for one you [You,you,you,you,you And if theres was only [only] one thing I could do, I wouldn’t do it,because I love you,unlike her, But why do you torcher me? I cant sleep at night baby I was thinking I was your Angel Two years from now I see the dance, Looks like you gave our love another chance, Shes still lookin at you,despise in eyes, I now know I’m the Angel fo you Now I know its no lie {no lie, I guess my mind wasn’t joking [joking] About that, [chorus] I’m the Angel,the one for you, I’ll tell no lies if you do that too, But what if she steals your heart? Then what do I do? Baby,theres no stoping me from loving you She didn’t steal your heart yet, What do I do till then? I know I’m yo Angel The only one fo you Angel....Angel.....