Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne — Everyday life
Avril Lavigne — Everyday life (текст песни)
Seeing you,walk right by me, Makes me think you really love me, Tell me,why is this going on? If you love me then please tell me, Is this unordinary? Is this extrordinary? Just please...tell me...don’t go, Seeing the same places everyday, Let me go somewhere that I never been before, This is just more, Of my... [chorus] Everyday life, Seeing you everyday, Going to band on Mondays, With no limit anyomre, But nothing more,than my Everyday life, Partyin’ on Wednesday nights, Going to my car on Friday mornings, Like an everyday story, Just go by the sound of my drummer drumming, And the sounds of the guitars slamming, Just...you should know, Sweetly walking to my locker, Open it up to find a note, Heres what he wrote: ’Girl,I know you want me, If you do, come and get me, Be at the park,by sundown, When nobody else is around, Be there if you want me.’ Signed no name, By the look in my eyes, I could tell it was him, He stared at me,with a grin, [chorus] This is my everyday life, Going through my pages Through the good and the bad times Why are you,sayin’ to me, This ain’t your everyday life girl, I’m a fag Your everyday life is you and me, I’m a drag My everyday life, Why go thorugh the pain, When the love and sorrow’s just gonna drain, Britney sucks cunts Now this is my everyday-life.