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Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne — I hate your face
Avril Lavigne — I hate your face (текст песни)
Sometimes I sit on the back of the old pickup Or on the steps of the creaky porch Sometimes I sit there and think of my life How it could have been How it should have been How I let it flush down the toilet Sometimes I think about how I have not succeeded in love For I loved those who did not love me Like 22 year old Deryck And 24 year old Benji Who was I kidding.. Did they really like me? [bridge]And now there’s you! Always turning up around every corner Can’t you see I’m trying to hide from falling in love So dont even get me started Go away Go away If you would hate to see me cry Then go away I hate the way you just keep coming here.. Trying to trick me into another entangled web of love Deep inside you did not love me It was all superficial I know you would hate to see me, Avril Lavigne SCREAM!! So then just go away. I hate your face [chorus] : I hate your face I hate your warm smile I hate your deep eyes I won’t settle for less than perfect After the heartbreaks I’ve been through I hate your face.. I remember On a dark and eerie day I needed someone to hold me Someone to calm my fears. Where were you then? At that very moment I realized my fears werent of the weather But of you I realized I was afraid Of your face.. And thats one of the many reasons why I HATE YOUR FACE!! Sometimes I get scared Of what life may bring Nobody usually comes to me I’m all alone Makes me want to scream Cause well, ya know I’m AVRIL LAVIGNE And every day I am all alone With no friend except my shadow [Bridge] [Chorus 3x] [in a soft voice] So tell me why You never were there when I needed you Why your actions never did the talking But your face, which I absolutely HATE, did Why did your face stick in my mind? Oh yes, I think I remember why.. It was because.. [In a really loud voice] I HATE YOUR FACE!! [Chorus] I hate your face And thats all I can say It makes me wanna scream Maybe thats cuz Well, Im Avril Lavigne!!