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Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne — Lost
Avril Lavigne — Lost (текст песни)
[chorus] Mistaken for an prep Mistaken almost everyday And I’m lost without you,, Like an,everyday story, I’m just lost but not found I’m lying there on the ground, Almost feeling sorry for myself, Who do I go to when I’m lost What do you do when you’re trapped and theres nowhere to go to, Who’s gonna help you up when you fall down,what will you do? If theres no one who likes you anymore, Thats when to you I have nothing to say, Just an ordinary day, But when you’re found and I’m not,what do you do, Will you come back to save me, Will you stay there and dessert me, But baby you don’t know that I’m..... [chorus] If there was a way to prove to you I’m still lost but not found, You see me asleep on the ground, This is no everyday story So why am I still losing control And I’m lost without you I’m losing my control