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Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne — Sophio
Avril Lavigne — Sophio (текст песни)
oh,sophio she ate a bonio, ya,shes too fat to pick up the phonio, she looks like fatman, who lives in a caravan, his name is mike,he can’t fit on his bike, but he doesn’t know,why he’s so slow the water in the river won’t even flow cuzzzzz,her name is sophio,she ate a bonio, she’s too fat to pick up the phonio ya she laughs at fatman but she doesn’t know why she’s so slow, the water in the river,won’t even flow. yesterday she ate a flapjack, but then she broke her back soon it will heal but how will it feel ya,nobody knows why they’re so fat. (fat fat they’re so fat,ya ya they’re so fat,oh so fat)