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Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne — The other guy
Avril Lavigne — The other guy (текст песни)
I know I’ll never have him But I’m there when you’re not over his friend I listen when you come to me But cuz of who he is you don’t have the time to see I really feel the way you feel Just cuz it’s him don’t mean it’s not real Your always sayin’ your love’s true I listen but I can’t say the same for you BRIDGE What I offer’s unreturned You don’t have time to see me burn You’ve so far failed to see How much you’re affecting me CHORUS When you think of him I’m thinkin’ of the other guy I’m in love to He’s constantly on my mind If you weren’t shared by blood Then would you have the time I don’t get to choose Who I dream of at night You tell me how you feel I feel the same way with the other guy So bad its not real You can’t make me cover it up, you know I really try You can see by my skin I shiver and shake and I follow him with my eyes I’m nervous and I know it’s a sin But seein’ him drives me wild inside If it was another Maybe not your brother Would it be OK to let him drive me wild? But then lookin’ back You’ve always turned your back Would it be OK to listen to my smile? Your convinced He’s so unperfect But I’m convinced That it’s worth it I listen to you goin on and on Bout how you and that boy got it on You don’t have time to listen to me I’m in love but you can’t see I don’t have opinions you just talk But with me you tell me I’m stupid to feel what I feel I can’t run away you only let me walk Come on now girl, you ain’t bein’ real I love him just as much As you love the other guy’s touch But you won’t listen to me You’ve made it clear for me to see Bein’ your brother is just an excuse It’s pointless, I’ve seen through so now there’s realy no use You could talk about this guy for hours Describe his every move But Ican’t so my feeling’s are trapped inside Because of you