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B.G. — All on u
B.G. — All on u (текст песни)
Fa sho I got my gat so you know what that means It’s a bust back thang, I ain’t goin’ out like a hoe When you comin’ to get me I got the four four When you come to down me playa please don’t miss Cuz that don’t do nothin’ but get my trigga finga pissed If I live I live, if I die it’s cool Cuz I know for sure when I was here that I was a fool If you gone drill me come on and drill me It’s all good cuz I got some people to see While I’m here I’m gettin’ full all the time gettin’ blunted My company on the move we bought the benz 500 A.K.’s and glocks, in the back the Lexus jeeps Havin’ big baller parties every other week This is the clique nigga 2-2-6 Black Connection nigga again the code is 2-2-6 Droppin’ dope hits, takin’ a nigga bitch While you’re on that flight, I’m bustin’ nuts in your wife All assault rifles, the weapons that’s on my team S.K’s, A.K’s, M-1’s and car beams Fulfillin’ dreams, goin’ to the top nigga Don’t playa hate cuz we’ll still hit’cha block nigga Baby Gangsta ain’t nothin’ nice A young nigga trigga happy that’ll put it in your life I ain’t right, represent Uptown to the fullest Finger on the trigga and I’m ready to pull it Chorus: Got my finger on the trigga, what’cha gone do? What’cha gone do? Nigga that’s All On U Got my finger on the trigga, what’cha gone do? What’cha gone do? Nigga that’s All On U Got my finger on the trigga, what’cha gone do? Uptown on the way, Bitch so let us through Got my finger on the trigga, what’cha gone do? Downtown get out the way cuz that’s All On U You could, take it how you wanna, bring it how you feel My niggas is conscienceless and we kill or be killed Fuck doin’ drive-bys man we do a pull up The nigga on the passenger side automatically die From several gunshot wounds to the head On the scene he dead Chopper City niggas fled Won’t you listen to Ziggy get your car doors bullet proof It’s rainin’ choppers so get a bullet proof roof too You got yay? I don’t know it nigga Nine-six you gettin’ nabbed so you best not show it nigga Cuz that’s when you blow it nigga Your door get kicked in, we want your yay High powered AK, false move and your face no trace Beat the case, go to the weight Make sure it ain’t a fake I want your nameplate, cash, and your Versace shoes If you stingy gettin’ plucked nigga that’s All On U Chorus Street shit is what I’m into You got it I’m comin’ to get you Don’t hesitate nigga or the B.G. gone have to split you I’m down for whatever I’m a ass with that chopper If you playin’ with me then them fifty shots gone stop ya No bullshittin’ nigga my dream is to make a mil Paper chasin’ ain’t no fakin’ playa haters get killed Young trill Baby Gangsta into pimpin’ them hoes But before I trick the hoes my money goes to my nose And fat optimo’s, T-shirts and Girbauds Solja Reeboks straight stickin’ to the G-code Uptown is the home of the car-jackers Robbers, gangsta rappers, headsplitters and kidnappers Better than seed, is the way I shop for that D Not the 17th, the real niggas in that 3 Play wit em, hard head niggas they split em Raw dope they sell it, I get it I can tell it How it go, back up or get banged nigga Street smarts the game nigga Gotta let em hang nigga Pussy nigga got beef wit the night creepers Me, brotha and Diesel ridin’ with them street sweepers Old nigga wanna slang, without a clique? He don’t wanna share, so we gone ride on that bitch We bout to turn your block to a war zone I’m warning you to bring the little kids in they home Cuz when we spin the bin bullets just get to spit I gave you fair warning so if you hit you hit Cuz I ain’t slackin’ when I do what I gotta do Stop bein’ nosey Bitch, but that’s All On U Chorus (2x)