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B.G. — Real niggaz
B.G. — Real niggaz (текст песни)
Talking ( B.G.) Wuz happenin’ man? Look, this for my motherfuckin real niggaz Ya heard me? Baby, Slim, Fresh, Turk, Wayne, Juvi, Joe Cassi, K.C., Curl It don’t even much stop (I keep it real with my real niggaz) I got real niggaz all over Man, look here Verse:1 My hood is kurupted with nothin but killers and soldiers Off top cut throaters, get crossed up, get fucked over It’s in a nigga nature to put that iron Don’t playa hate us Get knocked off the map Head fall off your shoulder in ’ya lap Wuz, happenin’ lil’ wootay I’m bout that trigga play Kidnappin’, jackin’, and murderin’ Pistols click clackin I’m blastin I know that you heard of me Call me lil’ duga B.Geezy fore sheezy it’s gravy Niggas they ?? me they can’t take me So they choose to hate me Jealous bitches I abuse a assault rifle ??? did Folks grief, fall on they knees, ’cause I play for keeps I been thugged out since back in the G’s God blessed ???? Me and my fuckin’ dog LT It ain’t never got to the point where I can’t handle the heat I can’t see no way out for me i’m in the game too deep So, until i’m covered in white sheets Shit is gonna be real, nigga When I’m afiliated with beef (Chorus)2x I keep it real with my real niggaz They beefin’ I donate steel to my real niggaz No secret i’ll splitta mill with my real niggaz Get in drama kill or be killed with my real niggaz Off top Verse 2: All my niggaz bout they business Hustle for the feddi first alternative is they riches Bitch regard everything peddi We shinin are so deadly Don’t checks snitches hate up throw ’em in ditches Now, I’m the type that’ll die for nigga No matter how deep the water is I’ll ride for my nigga I don’t give a fuck I’ll give my last dime to my nigga Save my heart But keep it real at all times with my nigga Look, that’s for my nigga If he on a murder charge I’ma make sure he got no witness Ya know without no witness No way he can be convicted While he down I’ll handle business for ’em My nigga real If he want me to fuck his bitch it’s on He can call 24-7 ain’t no limit for ’em Nigga if i had to I’d take a life sentence for ’em ?? jungel On a wild life adventure for ’em It don’t matter I go on any kind of mission for ’em ’Cause i’m real (Chorus)2x Verse 3: Oh, best beleive i come and get you if i want you Get caught wit’ yo’ draws down Then lil’ Geezy will funk ya Never underestimate me just because ima youngster I know a nigga named Turk Leave ya’ in the driveway dumpster I fuck wit’ only real niggaz Hard hitters, trill niggers, straight wig splitters No soft niggaz my dogs play the game raw nigga You’d be fucked up if you see half the shit a saw nigga I know ?? take drama far nigga Shake the dice roll ’em out That’s on the fall nigga Keepin it real man that’s all in my heart nigga Cause comin up that’s all my people talk nigga I know ?? ?? off VL Bout that trigga play I know lil’ ?? out that 6 set a buster straight Every nigga that I ifiliate ?? real Much love to my nigga gangsta still hard to kill I keep it real (Chorus to end)3x