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B.G. — Stay ’n’ line hoe
B.G. — Stay ’n’ line hoe (текст песни)
[Spoken: B.G.] Stay in line hoe Off top get ya mind right bitch (2x) [B.G.] Hoes gotta be tamed, bitches have to be bent They dont understand English, hoes gotta be smacked Nigga beat ’em and stomp ’em Barely feed ’em and fuck ’em Don’t get jammed, if ya got ’em Better leave ’em don’t love ’em I be fuckin and duckin Straight thug’n and plugg’n I like pussy but I get turned on more if ya suckin I ain’t trustin no doubt I goes all the way out I’m bout hustlin, disrespectin, bustin you in yo mouth Cause I’m bout real as they come, totally choppers and nines Uptown’s where I’m from keepin hoes in line Believe I’m bout mine Never wine and dine Give me the grease and I’ma shove nine in ya behind I ain’t likes a kind, and I ain’t tryin Don’t mind dyin And when I do I’m dyin slangin that iron I like ’em sexy and fine, I toss ’em, that’s how it go I ain’t flossin but you gon’ listenin, better stay in line hoe [Chorus] Pimpin ain’t easy, better stay in line hoe Off top, you gon’ respect a nigga mind hoe [Baby] Nigga I stay shy, keep my hoes in check Keep a pocket full of money, bank roll on fat These hoes stay in line or get they grill straight knocked out Stay in line or get put out your own house I be hard on these hoes cause a bitch ain’t shit Every hoe I done fucked done sucked my dick Me and my B.G. we toss bitches You don’t believe me, ask Danielle and T.C., we ain’t savin bitches I got the game He got the fame Plus I got the change Disrespect and puttin change on ya brain Three of the finest bitches in the city on my team Big body Expedition wit the gangsta lean I wanna see all my homies get on they feet for L.T., a G, throwin a gangsta a key So I can see all my homies ball in the U.P.T. [B.G.] Bat a bitch quick, that’s the modo I follow Toss a bitch through the click, that’s the modo i follow If you real, hold a hoe life in the palm of ya hand If you can’t control a hoe to me ya ain’t no man Bitch, stay in line like the vice grip in the middle of the street Any little thing I make ya taste, any little thing ya get beat You gon’ respect the B.G., or I’ll punch ya in your nose You gon’ respect the B.G., or I’ll whip ya out your clothes C-M-R-ah gon’ ride No other thing gon’ fly Expedition and Mercedes cause a nigga like to shine We in front and not behind, not on bottom, on top Not on the side of nothin, hoes get flipped and flopped My nigga ??? pimp a bitch, he a soldier for real My nigga ??? whip a bitch, yeah he hard to kill Uptown bout theirs’, nigga I’m bout mine Dogg hoes I share and I make ’em stay in line [Chorus] [Mannie Fresh] Never let these hoes take you away from yo ends Drive high, ride fly, buy the big body Benz And pass by they house, blow yo horn and laugh When she come to the door say you hoe and stare To the next muthafucka that hated on you Your baby mama full of drama, tell that bitch it’s through Cause when ya ain’t got nothin these hoes don’t want you around And when you work to get paid, these hoes act like clowns So what could you do to satisfy ungrate Buy a car, treat her like a star, yet the hoe still hate Cause it’s yo skills to pay the bills, nigga ride Respect or eject, cause these hoes are tired I’m on a mission to make a million plus Have platinum on the wall and ride the toll bus Money over bitches, believin that for sho Cash Money and the power, stay in line hoe [Chorus] [Spoken: B.G.] Beat these bitches, stomp these hoes Ram they shit