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Babyface — All i ask
Babyface — All i ask (текст песни)
Every time I’m around you I’m caught by surprise A sense of electric anticipation Rolls into me when you smile And I know that you’re filled by emotion ’cause I see it in the tear That you hide Girl I don’t want you to go ’n I don’t need you to know If forever is a part of your life All I ask of you Is hear your heart All I ask of you Is trust it babe They call love ’illusion’ They say ’falling in love’s a mistake’ ’it could be just about anybody’ But I don’t see it that way Hey I know what’s in you Because I can feel it too And I’ve never been more scared in my life ’n I don’t want you to go ’n girl I don’t need to know If forever’s what I see in Your eyes Hook Just as the night Knows the sun’s comin’ home Trust that our love Has a mind of it’s own