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Babyface — All night long
Babyface — All night long (текст песни)
Baby you can call on me Anytime that you feel the need And I’ll be there in a hurry Givin you the best of me And baby you know I keep it nice and warm to satisfy Baby you know that I am always hot for you And if there’s any kinda love that will exemplify My sweetie I have got that kinda love times two Boy I’ll do you all night long Do you anyway you want I will do you all night long I wanna please you Don’t wanna tease you You can melt in my body And I will slowly melt on to you Caress your face in my valley Let me feel the sweetness of you And baby you know if there is anything you want from me I will supply so you can have it your way Hook Here’s the vibe, there’s candlelight As I undress for you baby A sip of wine, we take our time Then I undress you too I look at you, you look at me And then we both embrace And then we just let nature take it’s place Hook