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Backstreet Boys
Backstreet Boys — Don’t leave me
Backstreet Boys — Don’t leave me (текст песни)
CHORUS: (2x) Don’t leave me ’Cause you need me I never wanna be without you I woke up this mornin’ From a dream That you were saying goodbye We had a simple argument But not enough to keep out of Each other’s life BRIDGE: I wanna be happy But I can’t be happy If I can’t be it with you Cause you’re my baby My sweet honey And no other girl will do CHORUS (2x) I can’t seem to figure out Just what went wrong with us You must have thought I was selfish But everything I did I did for us BRIDGE CHORUS (2x) I can’t eat or even sleep ’Til I have you Back inside my world My life won’t be complete Unless you stay my girl CHORUS (2x) Come on girl let me break it down Don’t leave me girl Don’t leave me Don’t girl Don’t leave