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Britney Spears
Britney Spears — Hey madonna
Britney Spears — Hey madonna (текст песни)
I’ve got a madonnaI’ve got a big black shiny maddona Maybe tonight we could go for a ride Out on the road Out on the wide wide open road Baby lets see what we can find Alright [Chorus] Lets drive Anywhere you wanna go i will take you there babe take you there baby Yeah lets drive Anywhere your dreams go i will take you there take you there baby Lets drive I got a ride I’ve got a smooth slick shiny ride Let’s open her up and lets get away Back out by the shore Top down, seats back Lights shinning low Tonight’s the night we go all the way All the way [Chorus] Everything that you wanna find Is waiting for you here inside Lets drive I’ve got a car I’ve got a big black shiny car Maybe tonight we can go for a ride