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Britney Spears
Britney Spears — Miss spears
Britney Spears — Miss spears (текст песни)
Chours: i aint so young i aint that lil girl anymore get use to me im britney got all this power yet i dont use it i could if wanted yet i dont come fallow me .. V1: im sexy, yes i am miss spears gots it goin on married to kevin my babyboy people should get use to it Chours V2: i wont change aint gonna change, if i can keep this relationship goin then u have to live with wut i want V3: yeah i shaked my ass for a while got a lil messy now im tryin to shake off that keep my life stright love wut ive found ... Pre hook:(yEs) Miss speaRs me n’ kevin im a big girl u’ve found out .. dont need to hide my secrets cuz i aint got nuthin to hide im still a hot lil southern girl im just older Chours