Carcass — Burnt to a crisp
Carcass — Burnt to a crisp (текст песни)
(Solo: Cranial cremation) Torched to a pimple Peeling skin and tissue Inflammable rectal gases Scalding your sinews Charbroiled to blackened char Smoked, sauted and black Blistering flaking tissue Insalvageable by skin graft Fused into a mess Dribbling cartilage and fumes Your body shrivelling Your fingers beginning to prune Burnt to a cinder Your body charred Incinerated carbon Molten as tar Smouldering ashes Scorched entrails Carbonated dust Cremated remains Burnt to a crisp Your fat’s on fire Devouring you whole Like a cadaver-stoked pyre Charred to the bone Your flesh is burnt Tissues molten Bodily gases inert Human inferno Blazing eruption Evaporating marrow Spontaneous combustion Burnt to a crisp