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Chaotica — Unstable
Chaotica — Unstable (текст песни)
Gotta run Gotta run ’Til I fall, Gotta keep on Feeding the crave. Gotta build Gotta build Up my wall, Gonna keep on Digging my grave. Gotta fight Gotta fight ’Til I bleed, Gotta keep my head Screwed on tight. Gotta stay Gotta stay In the lead, Gotta make sure I win this fight. It’s okay if I’m A bit unstable, I’ve been doing Just fine on my own. I don’t care if I am In denial, It’s a mild syndrome. Gotta deal Gotta deal With the pain, Gotta put up With all the lies. Gotta break Gotta break Off the chain, Gotta silence All of the cries. Gonna lose Gonna lose My own head, Gonna finally Run out of luck. Gonna fall Gonna fall ’Til I’m dead - And frankly, I don’t give a... The more I try, The less I’m free. The more I fail, The more I hate me.