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Gamma Ray
Gamma Ray — Countdown
Gamma Ray — Countdown (текст песни)
(4:21)(Music/Lyrics: Hansen) The businessmen got a job to do The Eastenworld is waiting too. They’re sittin’ on a bloodstone calling you a beggar, Waitin’ for another deal in open cars. The presence of the men gives a bad vibration, They’re countin’ dollar bills, and they’re workin’ on The final countdown Countdown I’m sitting all around and I’m waitin’ for the lyrics they gotta be cool, gotta satisfy the critics. ’Sign of warning all across the edges’ maybe too pathetic ... and my pencil scratches, Meanwhile X is comin’ from Miami Another perfect deal was made in open cars. I don’t care ’cos I’m much too busy, I have to write my lyrics And I’m waiting for the final countdown, Countdown. Chorus: It’s jut a matter of time We’re only waitin’ for the end of the world And we got nothing to lose We’re only servants of the monsters we curse. It’s just a matter of time We can be sure we’ll be doin’ our worst. And we’re waiting for the countdown. We’re sittin’ all around and we drink our lage, Thanks to God we got no embargo. What is left to do when you’re looking for pleasure, Somehow we gottta lose the pressure. We’re sittin’ on a blood stone, worker, boss and beggar. I don’t give a damn