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Gamma Ray
Gamma Ray — Farewell
Gamma Ray — Farewell (текст песни)
(5:12)(Music/Lyrics: Schlachter) Do you remember How we used to play like kids in the sun Nowadays, there’s no light to see And we’re feeling cold So the time has come To say farewell my friends My fate is calling loud Now I know - it can get tough And I don’t you know where I’ll be tomorrow Do you - do you wanna know it I don’t care about it Somebody said that we could never ever die Oh what a lie You will see the light again We’ll all be free someday: I know - ’cause united we stand Goodbye my friends, I’m leaving you today My quest is hard, but I must be on my way Now, don’t ask why Goodbye dear friends Solo: Dirk Don’t you try and stop me All I know is: I have to go! There’ll be no sense in my life at all If I stay You will never see it - you will never find it Oh yes I will! Someone will take my place if I DIE! An old man said: Some years ago; they’ve tried it all before Some men of honour left And searched for that land They did not return. Now it’s up to you To play a better game - remember When you’re out there Don’t look back at all