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Gamma Ray
Gamma Ray — Future madhouse
Gamma Ray — Future madhouse (текст песни)
(4:07)(Music: Hansen / Lyrics: Hansen, Scheepers) In the morning your try to recover But you still got the red in your eyes Then you get up and look at the mirror And you see the beast arise Got a big red nose from the overdose And somebody else’s eyes And you think to thee is it really me And you have to realize The prize that you pay for a moment like this Is never for high ’cause you still doing it Don’t you know that we all stand in line Our future dreams are just a waste of time Chorus: Our future -is a madhouse and we all are movin’ in Cause the world - needs some action and there nothing left to gain Take your baggy, things are ready You only need to come Join this century’s schizoid clan The rooms are primed and done The price that you pay for a moment like this Is never too high cause it perfectly fits Don’t you that we are wasting time Insanity is just a state of mind Chorus Solo: Kai/ Dirk/ Kai Our world - is a madhouse, in the gutter, come on in Our world - needs some action satisfaction ’til the end