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Gamma Ray
Gamma Ray — Start running
Gamma Ray — Start running (текст песни)
(3:58)(Music: Wessel / Lyrics: Scheepers) Mankind has found every treasure on earth It stands to reason that we have got all we need. Comfort is now a condition of life, Without any sources our dream will fade away. To live a better way was our final aim- Did we ever try? Start running! The moment of reason will somebody appear, But then it’s too late to return to stay, No single person can change the truth, We have to move forward and do it side by side. To live a better day is our final aim And we won’t stop tryin Chorus: Start running - can’t you see the hangmen are comin? (x2) The things we have done to destroy our world are enough. How long will the madness remain? We’re children of the warriors, we learn from our faults, Hope is our guiding hand, conscious is our force. Chorus (x4)