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Hades Almighty
Hades Almighty — Gardens of chaos
Hades Almighty — Gardens of chaos (текст песни)
the curse of the sexless angel
Seven signs upon the welkin high a prophecy of man to die the irony of the curse was the fact of the prayer it was invoked in ignorant despair a boundless terror blazing rage in the shape of a sexless angel with the soul of a cosmic tyrant in control of the infinitive forces to create and destroy* whirlwinds and chaos sweeps the earth it cracks the soil and drains the oceans (the angel) ’I deny your human kind and your nature are insignificant to me you are blind and now you shall burn in a global Phyre!’ (the prophecy) ’The final of an era burning rivers running red beneath black towes erected high piercing the starlit shimmering sky