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Hades Almighty
Hades Almighty — The tale of a nocturnal empress
Hades Almighty — The tale of a nocturnal empress (текст песни)
The Wolves Howled At The Moon That Chilly Autumn Night And Cold Winds Whispered Through The Scattered Leaves When The First Light From A Late, Yet Crimson Dawn, Shined Through The Morning Mist..... She Was Dead... And So Reborn. Caught In A Web Of Silver Beams Thrown From An Ocean Of Stars A Sea That From Now, Always Shall Haunt Her Existence She Exists Only In Darkness She Feeds From The Vain Of An Innocent Child Yet She Is Strong Unbound By The Chains Of Mortality Sometimes Under The Ocean Of Stars She Gazes At The Black Horizon Wistful Thoughts Of Death She Wish For Sleep She Has No Quest Just An Eternal Lust For Blood Always Walk Alone - Eternally! She Is The Eye Of The Raven