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Haemorrhage — Fragments
Haemorrhage — Fragments (текст песни)
anatomical relics
Desecrating - digging up th grave I search in the coffins for my loathsome preys Recollections of a macabre work Fragments of the corpses in my private morgue Eviscerating - innards I remove Then I excavate to te gastric core Expurgation, I dissect with care Strict exploitation I excise just the rare Amputations of limp extremities Extremities as formal the hyde wash the cavities My bistoury carves putrefacted remains Separating muscles, nerves and veins Embalming liquids isolate the dead tissues Cauterizing enzymatic issues Scouring piece by piece... Aseptic and clean Suturing limb by limb... Artistic and obscene Bizarre muzeum of sick anatomy Patulous cadavers exhibited just for me Sordid collection of collection of abducted body parts