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Iced Earth
Iced Earth — Burnt offerings
Iced Earth — Burnt offerings (текст песни)
(7:22)(Music : Schaffer, Shawver / Lyrics : Schaffer) In one last breath You’ll feel this damned old soul You’ll see the things I see For all these years Of pain and sacrifice You’ll know the pain I know Of all these things I offer unto you Infernal wisdom waits Now unleashed Like the flames of hate My sacrifice is made Every note And every word you hear Comes from deep within An angry soul That twists and turns inside Pondering this life Crimson eyes Staring through your lies Awakes the inner rage Take my knife Make my sacrifice YouЁgre my burnt offering Spill your blood Offer me good omen Make the sacrifice, the hours close at hand Burn your soul Offer me good omen Take your very life, this I command Dark shadows fall on this sacred ground Where true evil lies, summon them to rise Take the traitors, thieves and liars Feed them to the fire But first, spread their blood around The message will be found Walk carefully my friends stab my back again A warning from the sky These are not idle threats my friends We’re slaughtering the lambs True vengeance is on the rise The traitors shall be damned