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Immortal — Nebular ravens winter
Immortal — Nebular ravens winter (текст песни)
Music: Abbath / DemonazLyrics: Demonaz Damnation calls Final beasts clone the earth Immortal victory Winters bane upon the masses Snow spiraling towards auroral clouds Clear nebulous visions sight Soulwinds fall into the dark ice realms Where you now reach far Blackwinged ravens cry for tragedies to come Lurking with snowfall By doom they drag the robe of ice Frozen of heart you now reach far In the nebular ravens winter Winds are known from where they blow Nebular ravenwinters Strengh comes from us above Ravens season has begun Melancholic ageless and unknown Mesmerized you fall in our domain Freezing in the heart (lead: Demonaz) Sojourn for the elder ravens Beauteous winters birth An eerie mage Emblazoned with the biting winds Damnation calls With staring glowing yearing eyes Poised they strike again and drag Us all below In the bebular ravens winter