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Ja Rule
Ja Rule — Watching me
Ja Rule — Watching me (текст песни)
(Ja Rule) Yea Rule Are you a figment of my imagination? Or am I one of yours? Believe me baby, an hear me, fear me, feel me That’s why they all wanna kill me dead True in the head but nigga not As soon as I get the drop I pull up the pop of the test It’s outta the prairie Bitches style juice running through my head How many wanna die nigga? my concept It’s irrational My thinking now I’m erratic like Mike W’s whose falling down I’m losin sight now I can hardly see And smoking all this fucking weed I can barely breathe I’m like tell a bitch bleed Squeeze on D Run up in the deli wrung up on D Are ya watching me? They be watching, niggas they be watching, keep watching Keep watching me Now don’t look down Are ya watching me? They be watching, Bitches they be watching, keep watching Keep watching me Now don’t look down Whose watching me? C’mon watch as I creep through your block in the hard top drop with my bead on knock cause cops i ain’t standing and gangstas know catching before hanging And my dogs keep banging cause ain’t shit changing And hustlers ya’ll keep slanging We stuck in the game wit not a lot to gain but everything to lose but we soldiers that front-line In days to rule We do homicide drive-by’s Cock and spray If you the last man standing You about to lay 6 feet underground Watch me now Stop me how? Ya’ll niggaz trying to cop my style I spit nothing but hot ones and pop guns make it hard for niggaz to function Who want some of the Rule baby? (None of ya’ll) I’m legally considered crazy But if that’s the way that God made me This world can’t change me And that’s the way it’ll be Caught in the dark Until the light shines on me I’m a slave to this game But I’m break free So keep watchin me