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Kansas — All the world
Kansas — All the world (текст песни)
(Walsh, Steinhardt) All the world’s forgiving the change is all around And people everywhere have seen the light in what they’ve found It’s a happy place in the human race When all our lives are lived forgiving All the world’s for living when love is what you find Despair and loneliness you’ve got to leave them far behind Tell the clouds to go let the feeling show It’s great when life is full of living Everyone’s aware they know to change the world we’ve got to care And people all should know should have happened long ago Or could it be that I just now found out Life is meant to share and it means the same thing everywhere Living everyday, helping people on their way Cause sometimes life gives everyone some doubts Can I have time? Is it right what I feel? At times I doubt what I normally know is real But right now I don’t know what to do And it’s all because of you I could tell you if I knew that you’d believe As slight and elusive as life sometimes is Right or wrong as we both know we all can be I could never have denied that I need you by my side ’Cause without you life don’t seem that much to me I can see an old man cry, it’s his time to die And life no longer gives him any breaks He hasn’t got a home, no one to call his own Still he tells no one that it is more than he can take When the time is so unkind, an empty future plays in your mind When the darkness cries out to you, can you escape it? What can you do? All the world’s forgetting the hate that filled our hearts The times of selfish reasoning that keeps all apart This world was meant to share, let them know you care