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Kansas — Away from you
Kansas — Away from you (текст песни)
(Steve Walsh) Used to think about what I would grow up to be Good or bad, right or wrong, it was no harm to me Was a time in my life when I wish I’d have known You can’t gamble with fate, you might end up alone (Chorus) Meet me where the feeling is high, let the sound surround you Meet me at the top of the sky, where the colors fly around you Well, I’m lost in a world of dismay But nothin’ can take me away from you Left you back while I worked very hard to succeed All the distance I’ve gone makes it hard to believe You and I were so close, now we’re so far apart And I remember the feeling we shared in our heart (Chorus) Again and again you return to haunt me in my dreams See your eyes, how they glisten, your hair how it gleams And I know I will miss you when you have to go