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Kansas — Borderline
Kansas — Borderline (текст песни)
(Kerry Livgren) You’re a rich man, but a poor man With your pockets lined with gold Always in the middle neither hot or cold And you think you’ve found your freedom But it always slips away Nothing ever satisfies, you always have to pay (Chorus) (On the) Borderline, you’re standing on the borderline You’re waiting for the place and time And living in between (On the) Borderline, you’re standing on the borderline It’s gotta be your world or mine So which way will you lean So much indecision Leaves you hanging in the air You can’t remain forever ’cause there’s nothing there With one foot in the ocean And the other on the shore You’ll be goin’ nowhere, ’til you step on through the door (Chorus) Now I know your wheels are spinning But you never seem to move I can see right through you So what you tryin’ to prove