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Kansas — Under the knife
Kansas — Under the knife (текст песни)
(Steve Walsh / David Ragsdale) Buried deep under blood and skin A whisper a tempest is raging from within I hold my breath bitter proud Afraid to scream fire in the middle of a crowd I ponder incision envision the brain I beckon the surgeon to a slice against the grain now that I’ve waisted you the white room is pure the doctors are brave If there’s a cure I want to be saved Sanctuary Under the knife sharp and shiny key Repair redeem resurrection Under the knife they’ll cut you out of me Maybe love’s imitation is life under the knife I have come to determine a reasonable doubt Where heaven and hell draw their boundary lines about Now that I’ve waisted you now that I’ve tasted you The white room had frost on the cold window pane Your love had been lost my love was in vain Sanctuary Cynical splices stitch and install