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LaFee — Hot
LaFee — Hot (текст песни)
So this is the girl you chose over me Say was it worth it? You two look oh so sweet I’m over you and she’s cute indeed And yes, I can see why you picked her over me But the way you look at me behind her back. I can’t belive youd do something like that Do you wish you had back what you once had? You don’t know what you got until it’s gone bad. [Chorus:] Hot-No, she’s not No, she ain’t got what I got No ,she ain’t hot That girl ain’t hot And you know she’s not She ain’t got what I got No, she ain’t hot Hot-hot What do you want from me when you have her? The perfect match You and your dreamgirl Say are you thinkin of me while makin love to her? I thought she’s all that you need or is something missin there [Chorus 2x]