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Lake Of Tears
Lake Of Tears — The path of the gods
Lake Of Tears — The path of the gods (текст песни)
(13:28) I still dream of the mountains ,where I used to be a king King of all outer realms ,how I wish to return ... ’Welcome back my son ,I have waited for a long time Waited for the king to return ,I have something to show you Upon the highest mountain ,way up by the horizon Lies an ancient path ,the path of the gods ...’ I’ve climbed the mountains high And walked among the clouds I’ve reached the outer realms Seen past the fields of wildgrown flowers ’Seek the opening of sanguine painted clouds Carried gently upon caressing winds There by the boundaries of seldom broken lines Lies the way ...’ These sanguine clouds I saw Appear at heaven’s shore Swept by the woken wind Stray in the garden of tranquillity ’See through the many eyes of the dragonfly Hear the flowers bloom in early spring And see the lines of life untouched by time Upon the way ...’ Faerie choirs sing And gently flap their wings And by this creek so small Gathered slowly ,drinking unicorns ’Stray pilgrim ,god to be Stray wanderer ,’all these realms’ belong to thee’ Small creatures coming near Then turn to disappear All while the faeries sing