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Mad Heads XL
Mad Heads XL — Elephants
Mad Heads XL — Elephants (текст песни)
I was sleeping in the jungle And my dreams were really sweet But they were broken by distant thunder Try to go on but never succeed. Sky with no cloud But the sound was getting loud Then I realized And it made me paralysed. Elephants’ run no place to hide Elephants’ run good rocking tonight Elephants’ run it’s really swell Elephants’ run runs like hell. All that was leading a quiet life Found itself in ruin and wreck Jungle was shaken with elephants’ drive Elephants’ move is a kind of earthquake Crazy-crazy noise. Crash and destroy Running through your mind No more sleep at night. People are sleeping in big city jungle People are sleeping in country side But some teenage freaks gotta rockin’ disease Elephants’ fever that they can’t hide. Bands with crazy sound Are rockin’ all around Running through your mind No more sleep at night.