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Mad Heads XL
Mad Heads XL — Evil people
Mad Heads XL — Evil people (текст песни)
When the night is coming down Getting dark all over town Everybody’s gonna sleep Not a soul upon the street When the night is coming down Evil people get to town. People walk along the streets Ugly mugs with bloody lips Skinny hands with awful knives Rotting teeth and spiteful eyes Penetraiting through the windows Percolating through the doorchinks. Have you ever had a nightmare, man That’s what evil people do Are you going into bad? Don’t forget they may come to you Every evening I can see’em Till they get to someone’s dream To the dream... Gonna tell you where they dwell Evil people come from hell Souls of sinners who had died Are going out every night Have fun just tormenting you Toss and turn you all night through. Be afraid of being scared Most of all they like your fear They will eat it like a pie And you’ll be growing terrified And if you will to much dread You may simply wake up mad Wake up mad...