Mad Heads XL
Mad Heads XL — I wait
Mad Heads XL — I wait (текст песни)
The following story is the story of a kind When the love is big mistake But the feelings are too wild Gonna tell you as it was, gonna be sincere It was not with me but I feel it like my own Try to imagine what it means to be alone When the girl that you love, man, is near. That guy tell me she loved him at first But then he didn’t know what had changed And once he found she was not interested In what he said and then he said to her Girl, you’re near But I know you are not here And your thoughts are flying somewhere Faraway Bring your loving back someday I wait!.. Girl found it was funny enough Guy asked why do you laugh Every time that I say I love you Why, oh, why every time that I feel blue. I never see that guy again So I don’t know what was then But I suppose it was getting worse ’Cause the stories of that kind Are the whole time misery And I hope it’ll never happen to me And to you, of couse.