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Mad Heads XL
Mad Heads XL — Rockin
Mad Heads XL — Rockin (текст песни)
Don’t know what’s happened to my brain The rockin’ music drives me insane Can’t change my luck I always want to rock. From early morning through all the day I’m surfing on my rockin’ wave I run amuck Of those who don’t want to rock. Rock like a hurricane Rock, rock, rock like a hurricane There is something rockin’ my brain. Can get no sleep in the dead of night Oh, wake up baby! The moon is shining brignt It’s two o’clock Exactly time to rock. Come to the funeral party, there’s something wrong The music is playing but everybody’s stiff like a stone C’mon, get up! And join the deadly rock. Oh, baby, baby, baby, baby leave my balls alone Don’t want to go to bed just want to go to big dance floor Don’t want to fuck I just prefer to rock.