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Mad Heads XL
Mad Heads XL — Spring in the bushes
Mad Heads XL — Spring in the bushes (текст песни)
We’ve been out in the park Walking down the lanes All the benches were packed with lovers Kissing like insane Deep into the shadows of the trees We took the path And in the nearby bushes We saw the bare ass You know it’s spring in the town And everyone is crazy Spring in the park Especially when it’s dark Spring in the bushes You get it right There ain’t no fun in sitting home So won’t you come outside tonight The ass was moving back and forth And so the case was clear Who cares the park is big It’s not the only place down here My girl was a bit upset We found our bushes occupied But I kissed her tight and squeezed her tight And we walked into the night We went down a little further All along the path We looked around for a place to stop And saw another ass We’ve got that far we’ve got that deep That the park became the woods But we couldn’t find a place for love The park was goddamn overcrowded