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Mad Heads XL
Mad Heads XL — Twanging, beating & shouts
Mad Heads XL — Twanging, beating & shouts (текст песни)
I cannot stay anymore hope you see it my love Let the day be too long it is never enough For me to be with you For you to be with me But now it’s time... You’re my rockin’ lady I’m your rock’n’roll man But the day has already come to its end The day is over it’s already in past I know we’ll always be the best In twanging, beating & shouts... Give me please one more kiss and I’ll give you mine Tell me please one more word and I’ll tell you good night For you it’s time to sleep For me it’s time to go home Good-bye... You will wake up next morning, you’ll play in your band Sing and play night and day again and again We’ll be the famous rock’n’roll stars I love your hair and lips and eyes And your twanging, beating & shouts... Now I see yellow eyes of lonely night cars I am putting myself to the midnight bus Night city lights are passing by Don’t notice them I think of you... When I’m closing my eyes see you sleeping tight And I wish you sweet dreams till the end of the night With guitars, jeans and motorbikes Take to your dream no other guy But me, twanging, beating & shouts...