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Oceana — Mother love
Oceana — Mother love (текст песни)
Fear love. A failure to nothing but an empty shape. We collide and we’re dead on. Are you tired enough? I think I hurt your head enough. Bruising me the first touch. Well fall asleep. Well close it up. Count the days till you get rid of me. Till I fall asleep. I am meaningless. Endlessly you feel fine if you could bury me. Six feet underneath. I won’t see it. And now I’m recklessly ending it as it falls from the stage to the floor. The day ends when I say it does. I’m afraid of him. I’m afraid of him. My mother sings when she’s afraid of me because I hurt her more. More than the son she sees. It scares her half to death. My father sings when he’s afraid of me because I hurt him more. More than the son he sees. It scares us all to death