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P.O.D. — Outkast
P.O.D. — Outkast (текст песни)
Chorus 1: I’m an outkast But don’t count me out Underground dwellaz, roaming beneath the cellars Failed us with this system, ain’t living how they tell us Hideaway place, it’s safe, they raise a nation of hate Erase a man for his faith They feed us lies, dress up my King in false disguise Behind those eyes, soul of a savior I recognize No compromise, while the whole world becomes corrupt Tonight we break the surface for lives, We coming up Chorus 2: Brother take my hand Lets separate ourselves Leave behind this place Don’t ever look back Disgraced man, survivors of the wasteland, Looking for a home of his own No place to run, now place to hide It’s time for you to stand on your own Militia, coalition, not of this world Resistance, we the alliance