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P.O.D. — Snuff the punk
P.O.D. — Snuff the punk (текст песни)
Snuff the punk, I’m getting tired of you chump Bass in your face You’ll get a taste of P.O.D. Funk When I say punk or chump I don’t mean you Talkin about the Devil and his crew Listen You came to rob and steal from the helpless Warriors in Christ we stand up for the defensless So if you can get with this then step to this And if you say yes sing the P.O.D. checklist This is a spiritual war, we take no prisoners Live a life of sin, you don’t know what your getting into You picked a winner, love the sinner, hate the sin dude We got a plan to understand, Here’s what we gonna do Snuff Da Punk, Snuff the Punk, Snuff ’em, Snuff ’em Snuff the Punk, Snuff the Punk 2x P.O.D. hit one more time for those that don’t be knowin’ Merrily, merrily, merrily down the stream is how I’m flowin’ Keep goin, don’t stop all props to P.O.D. P.O.D. The Gospel, The Gospel that Rocks Rock You, We did it, I think it’s time to quit it And when my King is greaking, Yo, You better take a seat kid The Shield of God, ain’t nothin’ gonna hurt me