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Pagoda — Botus
Pagoda — Botus (текст песни)
Tony got shot at the Mexican border Leaving his past far behind his leg He could run fast, but he knew they would catch him They’re gonna find me out some day, some day But Tony tried, and he denied, but he relied On the wrong person And he made his own way But now he lay at Mexico’s end Little boy Botus selling fruit and tacos American tourists are so strange, so strange I’m saving up money for my mother and my hunny Gonna buy a big house some day, some day But Botus he was only eight And he only ate if he had a good day And he saw Tony bleed On two pounds of weed and some peyote But little boy Botus he was young but no dummy Filling, his tummy, was all he ever knew He grabbed Tony’s stash, filled his pockets with his cash He ran like the devil, Hell, I would too But Botus see he didn’t know That once you go, man, you never come back And he ran from the man, with dirt, and sand, And that devil running down his back