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Pitbull — Intro
Pitbull — Intro (текст песни)
Yea niggas, Welcome to Dade County Where we slang rocks that claim blocks And those red and blue lights just keep our streets hot C’mon and ride with a nigga so I can show you what Dade County really got See don’t be fooled by South Beach Thinking when you come to the Bottom you can just run these streets You and your jewels are like a menu And trust me nigga we intend to eat Fuck around and cross that I-395 You just run into a bunch of dead end streets Niggas with wifebeaters and bare feet That’s right, I’m talking straight goon style Go beyond that about 3 miles and you’re now entering the infamous Lil Havana Now I know yall studio gangsters be vibing off the movie ’Scarface’ But the wrong move in this place, you’ll fuck around and meet the real Tony Montana So fuck them palm trees I got shit for you to really see Like there’s a graveyard with bury sub with niggas buried 4 generations deep And I aint even talking about sister lined next to brother I’m talking granddaddy to grandmother piled up on top of each other And all that rap about you’re Lil Haiti connections? Nigga you don’t even know a real zo But I can introduce you to one that’ll kick in your door Put you faced down on the floor And have your whole family wiring money from Chicago But you a star, though Okay, nigga if you a real G This is where you tell your car to go Opa Locka Where there is continuous spotlight helicopters and a triangle full of choppers Carol City will make holes in you so big, they can’t be plugged by doctors Nigga, this is the real Dade County Where we are soldiers from birth to the hurst That’s why my childhood consisted of a bulletproof vest and a pyrex Nigga, you haven’t even seen the real Miami, yet So Welcome to Miami-Dade County, the real Miami Where we live and die, for life