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Pitbull — Mr. 305
Pitbull — Mr. 305 (текст песни)
To all the DJ’s out there I appreciate the love Let’s show ’em why Pitbull one of the rawest (Mr. 305) I’m one of the best, one of the rawest Nah I ain’t perfect but bitch I’m flawless Nah I ain’t stupid but the flow is retarded Barely made high school, the streets was my college Rappin here for years, workin and grindin On the streets if you copped it, I supplied it I’ve worked everything, every drug you name it I’ve seen families get tied up for missin payments Keep thinking that this thing is just entertainment Disrepect, get introduced to the pavement Catch me somewhere on the islands of Caymen Me, I see the future, ya’ll boys cavemen Now it’s cartoons and tv shows First album gold, remix did fo, El Mariel in stores I hustle (I hustle), I grind (I grind), That’s why they call me Mr. 305