Pitbull — We don’t care ’bout ya
Pitbull — We don’t care ’bout ya (текст песни)
(feat. Cubo) Yeah Yeah Que Vuelta? Di le nota (Di le nota) You know who it is For all these bustas and haters [Chorus] We don’t care about yo clique We don’t care about yo crew We don’t care about yo bitch We don’t care what you do We don’t care about your car We don’t care about your chips We don’t care about shit accept getting rich [Verse 1 (Pitbull)] Now that Little Jon has opened the door It’s over dawg This that new south That’s it, it’s over ya’ll No more warning ya’ll We tired of getting over looked You want beef? then I hope you like it over-cooked Oh and for that bread It’s whatever man I’m fully prepared to pump lead At any nigga that wanna bump heads So bring it But when them things go Rr-rr-rr-rringing Someones gonna get hit And that’s a fact, not an opinion I’m buiding my connects And that there is dangerous Didn’t your mother teach you Not to talk to strangers? Then why are you in my ear talking all the shit Just ’cause I’m cuban doesn’t mean I flip bricks So stop asking me the price on them thangs down here ’Cause that one of them thangs that get chu killed ’round here I don’t care who you are, who you might be But I’d rather die, then let an undercover bite me [Chorus] [Verse 2 (Cubo)] I’m in this bitch now Ya’ll niggaz better get ready I’m ready for whatever ya’ll want Boy, but it ain’t nothing pretty Ya’ll wanna start shit Tell me what ya’ll wanna do Me, Pit, DB, we don’t care about ? I don’t care about slanging them thangs Back ’em spraying them thangs If you get ? just homie don’t mention my name BLAKAH, that’s exactly what I’m spitting meng Homie, don’t make me have to blow ’em chopper meng ’Cause I can spit it spit it However you want it want it My peoples is with it with it We about that money money And I do anything that I have to do to get that money meng Miami, Money is a major issue meng They, They don’t understand What we about to do We about to shit on this game We about to shit on your crew Pitbull don’t care about ya Cubo don’t care about ya DB don’t care about ya We, We don’t care about ya [Chorus] [Verse 3 (Pitbull)] This game is scandalous The more money you make The more your prone to get hauld off in an ambulance AOWoo! That’s why I say to myself in the cut Man I can’t be seen Ears open, mouth shut Just watching thangs And if it pops off I pop up, both popping than Guns, I was taught proper To cop and aim Run, when you hear that Blakah meng P-rr-rr-rrat That’s the sound of the chopper meng Just let me know exactly what it is you trying to do ’Cause we can both dance with the devil, dawg It’s all on you Like basktetball, if you shoot you better follow threw In a casket dawg, who the fucks gon follow you? [Chorus] Yeah, once again my freind Imma be the first latin rapper from the South Shut shit the fuck down And I got Lil Jon to bounced to that The King of the South And Uncle Luke will tell you the same shit So get ready niggaz Pitbull, DB, Lil Jon Ya’ll ain’t ready for this shit HAHA, Suckas